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Guggenheim Berlin
Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt
38 mm Buttons:
and what about me
bad hair day
command from above
everybody´s doing it
home was hell
I always told you so
I can´t deal with pressure
I can´t help it
I can´t remember
I can´t say no
I didn´t want that
I did it all for you
I gave my word
I had no choice
I´m allergic to that
I´m doing this for my kids
I`m no saint
I´m so small
I´m too good for this world
I need a vacation
I need the money
I never said that
it´s a free country
it´s all your fault
it´s always been like that
it´s for your own good
it´s just the way I am
it`s war out there
it wasn´t me
I was blackmailed
I was bored
I was so naive
just kidding
men are like that
my tummy is inherited
nobody told me
nobody will notice
no regrets
shit happens
someone´s got to do it
strange things are going on here
that pig seduced me
that´s not my department
the bank is breathing down my neck
the flesh is weak
there can only be one of us
they´re out to get me
today´s my first day
too weak to work
totally stressed out
you do it
you started it
you wanted it too
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